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we're all gonna die die"

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Twittergram: Out watching the Perseids

Twittergram, August 12, 1 a.m.
Just spent half an hour sitting outside, watching the shooting stars. That's something I couldn't do if the wife & kids weren't out of town -- if the kids were here, I'd be asleep by now. I think it's the first time I actually made a point of watching a meteor shower. I think I saw about ten or eleven. Pretty good, given the light pollution and the obstructions, not to mention the distractions (mosquitoes and a bat that wouldn't leave me alone for a while). Skies were clear. Nice. While I was out there I phoned in this Twittergram (Dave Winer's Twitter-based "micropodcasting" service). Pretty cool.

No audio? Try this link.

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